“We came here, unknowing
We saw many people, we watched them
We saw people singing before every meal,
We opened our mouths and uttered some similar sounds
In the evening we saw how people offered flowers to a statue with a big brand, while singing
We watched with big eyes, opened our mouths and again uttered some sounds.
There has something with this place, but we didn’t know what.
The following morning. The sunrise the Ganga.
I still didn’t know, but felt something
Something right and strong
We decided we would leave.
We couldn’t pray. We didn’t want to belong to a sect.
We didn’t know
Then we heard we are free to do and don’t what we want.
We decided to stay.
We watched with bigger eyes. Bigger ears, bigger hearts
We cleaned the meditation hall, without expecting a reward.
We opened our hearts, slowly.
We opened our mouths a bit more and sang the right words.
We still saw many people, but were among them now
A party. Two birthdays. The smell of flowers everywhere.
Singing, offering, we couldn’t help but felt part of a family.
Love everywhere, like the smell of the flowers
Impossible to use another word than love.
A man, physically gone out of this world
Is holding this place together.
A man who is living through his beloved ones.
Who is thought of every second of the day
A man who has become love and flower-smell.
A Babaji.
A woman who’s life can be called devotion.
A woman who speaks uninterrupted with closed eyes for more than two hours about her passion. Yoga.
A woman who every day gives little pieces of herself to anyone that enters her life.
A woman who still has many pieces for many more years to come.
A woman who inspires you to give away your own little pieces.
A woman who’s eyes laugh like a child
A woman who’s body sometimes falls asleep during meditation, but who’s mind never does.
A woman who’s eye see everything. Even when closed.
A woman who’s actions can be called love
A Mataji.
A place that can be called the right one.
At the right time, for most of it’s guests
Coming from over the world.
Coming and going and mostly coming back
Like children, always returning to their favourate toy.
A river that unites
Daily and holy life
A river that vibrates through the country, nourishing, inspiring, healing any
Non-attachment to this place is difficult.
But a lesson
A good one.
Could be gone tomorrows
But now it is here
And that’s all there is
We’re going now
We know now
Something made us come.
Something made us stay
Something makes come back
Like a child to his favorite toy.
That something could be called God.
Thank God.
With all my respect and gratitude.” – Maaike Nueville