Mataji’s blessings

Om Namo Narayan

Photo by:Kristina Junzell

To all the souls of Yoganga ‘s pranic family

Blessings and greeting

Master’s light  is needed to illuminate our inner treasure  house of divine consciousness. Every moment is a new start to open the doors of our heart in compassion and love to help and lifting up the burden of a life lived in ignorance, weakness, and confusion. This source of light and peace inside you is unexaustable,  give fully and more than you think you have – as if it would be the last chance to share. The presence is yours pure and plesant , unaffected by shadows of past karmas and future expectation and fears.  Feel Your self  blessed to enjoy  life in the wisdom of yogic awareness. Expand your breath  to pierce all barriers to dissolve into  the one  celebration of truth, consciousness, and  joy.

Yoganga reteat remember all the loving time we had in the past and will have over the future.

Om love…