Courses & Himalayan Retreats

Sri Santosh Puri Ashram is a retreat center for spiritual research and studies of the yogic art of living. Following the lineage of their parents (Baba Santosh Puri Ji Maharaj & Narvada Puri Mata Ji) Ganga, Mandakini, Alaknanda and other respected guest teachers at the ashram devote their energy to pass on the teachings of the traditional Indian gurus and yogis.

Participation in the courses may provide relaxation from stress problems, depression, mental and physical illness – not through the increase of laziness, overeating, and luxury or indulgence in sensory pleasures, but by giving positive life energy and peace-giving food for body and mind.Courses consist of ‘a full time yoga life‘, providing an opportunity for living an ascetic lifestyle for better mental and physical health and happiness through yoga practice.

Courses are meant for groups of five to fifteen people and include food and lodging at the ashram. Full travel arrangements by cars or buses (for larger groups) can be provided from Delhi to Haridwar and return.

Some courses & ashram retreats may include opportunities for making pilgrimages into the Himalayas. Elderly or children are also welcomed.

Please, feel free to contact us for booking or ask us any question to:

All goods and bads, ups and downs are in Ganga maa’s hands – may God always ensure our truthfulness, sincerity, desirelessness and forgive us for our enthusiasm to spread his message and treasury from the worldly disease.

Om Shanti