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Santosh Puri Ashram is Humble center of Yoga near Ganga River, with very little Ego around, but plenty of Love, Natural Beauty and Purity to share. We offer guidance, lectures, yoga classes all based on a special concern and love for you, in effort to assist you in your spiritual inner journey of finding truth, light, peace and ultimately a more meaningful life.

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Your stay in the ashram should by no means be mistaken as a stay in a hotel or guest house, but should be seen as a chance to follow the request of the soul in all of us to renounce the worldly illusion and devote our time to inner and outer purification through spiritual knowledge and practice of yoga. While we may leave our visitors free to do their own sadhana, we do encourage participation in all we have to offer you, our programs giving guests a taste of the many different paths to yoga (union). The best way to learn is simply to follow the daily routine of the ashram. It is possible to make your entire day into yoga sadhana (practice).

There is no time limit on visits but it’s best to stay for at least three weeks, three months is even better. As one former guest says “It takes a few days to arrive on all levels. If you arrive one week and have to begin thinking about leaving the next week, you have no time to simply be there.” The longer you stay, the more your participate, the more you can really dive in and the deeper your experience will be. We encourage long-term guests, as they maintain the atmosphere as well as can offer inspiration to new-comers.

The initial intention of the Ashram was not to charge for its spiritual life ideas, rather to share whatever we have been given as gifts from the Divine. However over the years it has become important to create a standard for suggested donations for participation in the courses mentioned on the schedule, in order for the maintenance and development of the Ashram, the gaushala (cowshed) and its charitable endeavors like offering free stay for orphans and saints, and ultimately for offering quality accommodations and food for our aspirants/guests who come to spend time in preparation for higher teachings, to plant a seed of divine devotion and to cultivate a budding desire for liberation.

The divine is always there, waiting to be realized. A little effort from your side to BE HERE NOW in the present moment, right circumstances, holy company and a beneficial renouncement of unimportant worldliness is all what is needed.

If you have never been to an ashram before or are unsure if you are ready for such an experience, the best way is to first stay in a hotel or guesthouse in Haridwar or Rishikesh and then visit YogAnga Retreat, Santosh Puri Ashram for the day. If you like it here and we feel comfortable with you, then it is possible to actually live with us for some time.

If having read through our website, you know this is the place for you, advanced booking is also offered and recommended, especially for specific courses:

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• over 20+ simple, clean and comfortable rooms (single or double, some with attached bathroom, some with common / shared bathrooms).
• 3 halls for meditation, asana, classes, and special programs and concerts
• discourses and practical courses in all aspects of Yogic lifestyle (see schedule)
• Medium in English.
• Satsang (company of saints, sadhus and seers)
• Kirtan (spiritual music jam sessions with: harmonium, tabla, dholak, guitar, bansuri, violin and various other percussion instruments)
• Vegetarian food (breakfast, lunch, dinner) with locally grown fruits and vegetables, some from the ashram garden itself.
• special diet according to specific holiday fasting rules.
• regular Indian chai and ayurvedic herbal teas (morning and afternoon)
• pure milk products and ghee from our own cows
• Ion Filtered Drinking Water System
• Library (with 100s of books in various languages – Sanskrit, Hindi, English, German, Hebrew, French, Spanish, etc.)
• Computer access and Wireless Internet
• Phone for local calls only; there is STD stand just in walking distance.
• Ayurvedic Consultations and treatments (upon request with additional fees)
• Therapy through acupressure and ayurvedic massage (upon request with additional fees)
• Advice, arrangement and guides for tours, travels and mountain retreats
• Individual guidance and therapy.
• Hindi & Sanskrit language instruction.

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