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Tears of Bliss …A Guru Disciple Mystery

tears of bliss

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Mataji’s long-awaited, deeply moving book of her years with Babaji is now available for order internationally.  Many of you have read an early draft of the first section of the book which tells of Mataji’s arrival in India 40 years ago, her search, finding her Guru (Babaji), and her life those first 10 years: the austerities, her courage and determination, and of course it is also Babaji’s story.  The second part goes on with the founding of Santosh Puri Ashram, the birth of the three children, and their family life amidst ashram life – truly a spiritual family more than householders.  Part three begins with Babaji’s Mahasamadhi and continues with the inevitable transformation of the family and ashram after His passing.   

It is a remarkable story – unique in both its content and its poetic style.  The reader is sitting at Mataji’s feet, listening to the stories as they arise.  Teachings and inspiration for our own spiritual journey occur on every page … and over time as you read the book again and again.   

Tears of Bliss is the wonderful, yet down to earth account of a western woman finding liberation at the feet of an Indian Guru. Harsh austerities, service, love, acceptance and motherhood prepare the ultimate transformation through the magical guru-disciple mystery. Acceptance is engrained in the short sentences and humble poetry that require no explanation. Truth is revealed with a clarity that turns our tears of bliss into pearls of rare spirituality.” – Peter Marchand, author of The Yoga of the Nine Emotions and The Yoga of Truth

You also may purchase the book in person if you pass through Santosh Puri Ashram.

Proceeds (beyond printing costs) will contribute to Santosh Puri Ashram’s spiritual programs. 

Please contact us if you would like to distribute the book at your center, or to translate it into your language.

A special thanks to all who contributed time, energy, funds for manifesting this book: Xavier Froment, Peter Marchand, Marcy & Rolf (Narayan Puri),  Tim Williams, Richie Joshua Windus, Dharmi Cunningham.