Sukshma Vyayaam

Course Dates:
3rd – 30th July, 2015
12th October – 26th October, 2015

Previous Courses:
24th September – 8th October, 2014

Taught by Alaknanda Puri, this rarely known sequence of subtle exercises of gentle joint movements in conjunction with breath control (pranayama) originates from yogis of the high Himalayas and Tibet.

Pranayama and concentration will lead to direct activation and awakening of the chakras, the source in our spiritual body for the function or dysfunction of the organs and veins in the chakras’ counterpart the physical body.

Amazing results have been registered in the rejuvenation of degenerated cell systems thereby preventing terminal diseases like tuberculosis, cancer, Aids, fatigue, depression or other psychosomatic symptoms. These exercises can easily be introduced into everybody’s daily practice from bed-ridden patients or work-stressed professionals, or more serious for Hatha-Yoga practitioners and yoga teachers.