One Month Certified Teacher Training: 2015 Autumn Session 03

This course has already completed 11th November – 11th December, 2015
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Become a yogi, where yogis are raised, in a spiritual oasis on the banks of the Ganga River, in the foothills of the Himalayas, between Haridwar and Rishikesh. Learn to live a traditional yogic lifestyle, cultivate your discipline to continue onward with a further developed self practice and become qualified to teach and lead others as well.


āyāsa vinyāsa YogAnga abhyāsa
200 hour One Month Yoga Alliance Yoga Teacher Training

11th November – 11th December, 2015
Best to arrive at least one day before the course, but you may be able to arrive earlier and/or stay longer.
Arrival: Official Check in 10th November, 2015
Departure: Official Check out 12th December, 2015
Cost: $1700 USD – which includes room & board, as well as all course materials.
NOTE: You can register for the first month at $1700 and decide later if you would like to finish the following months. Or register for all three months at once at a discounted rate. Also payment plans are available if needed.

This one month intensive program is led by Ganga Puri, Mandakini Puri and Alaknanda Puri, as well as other guest instructors.


“YogAnga is a unique and the most evolved yoga sequence of self practice to know mystical presence of the natures evolution that evolves one who seeks for it intensely…welcome and join the austerity tapasya in the ashram… ” – Ganga Puri

Basic syllabus:

11th November – 11th December, 2015
– one month certificate course –
āyāsa vinyāsa YogAnga abhyāsa Certified Teacher Training: Autumn session 03 – Satva
Yoga Alliance 200 hours.
NOTE: each of the three, one month courses in the Autumn Season Teacher Training Series, have a variation of Ganga’s asana series: Rajas, Tamas, Satva. One can participate in each month separately earning 200 hours, or all three months in a row and the full 500 hours.
Morning Sessions: • YogAnga SHATKARMA – Self Practice (for those having completed Autumn session 01)
• YogAnga PRATYAHARA sequence – Self Practice (for those having completed Autumn session 01)
• YogAnga PRANAYAMA sequence – Guided Practice with Ganga
• YogAnga ASANA sequence – Satva Series Guided Practice with Ganga
• Sanskrit Parayana (beginning level) – With Baba Ji Narayan Giri and English Translation with Nicole
Evening Sessions: • Therapeutic Yoga – learn various techniques for yogic treatments of disease and disorders w / Mandakini
Discourse Series – Patanjali Yoga Sutra (first two weeks) & Bhagavad Gita (second two weeks) covering, Kriya yoga, Samkhya yoga philosophy and Ashtanga yoga philosophy (8 limbs Raja Yoga system).

After over twelve years of self-study, continuous practice and deep devotion, Ganga Puri has developed his original yoga style he calls “āyāsa vinyāsa YogAnga abhyāsa“, a seven limbed hatha yoga practice which includes: Shatkarma, Asana, Mudra, Pratyahara, Pranayama, Dhyaan and Samadhi as mentioned in ancient scripture. Designed to instil enthusiasm and discipline in aspiring yogis, as well as inspiration to maintain one’s own self-practice, Ganga’s yoga sessions bring precise alignment of the physical body, awareness of the breath as well as the prana, clarity to the mind, balance of the three gunas as well as the male/female energies within, opening of the chakras and a heightened connection with the natural and supernatural universe around us.

200 / 500 hours Yoga Alliance – one month certificate courses and three month courses

exact dates vary year to year, according to the moon cycle, all courses start on the New Moon.
[Spring session approximately Mid-March through Mid-April
Autumn session approximately September through December]


Spring Session 01
200 hours Yoga Alliance – one month certificate course –

get a sample taste of all three Autumn sessions. Clinical Yoga (shatkarma cleansing), a mix of all three asana styles: Rajas, Tamas & Satva, with introductory lectures in Ayurveda, Yoga Philosophy, beginner’s Sanskrit as well as other aspects to living a yogic lifestyle.

Autumn Sessions 01,02,03
However it is recommended one participate in all three months, earning total of 500 hours, each month can be taken separately, preferably starting with Session 01. Admission to Sessions 02 & 03 will be determined by the Lead Instructor, based on prior experience.

Autumn Session 01 – Rajas / Clinical Yoga
Autumn Session 02 – Tamas / Ayurveda
Autumn Session 03 – Satva / Therapeutic Yoga