Your stay in the ashram should by no means be mistaken as a stay in a hotel or guest house, but should be seen as a chance to follow the request of the soul in all of us to renounce the worldly illusion and devote our time to inner and outer purification through spiritual knowledge and practice of yoga. The programs give visitors a taste of the many different paths to yog/union. (See a current schedule in the library.) The best way to learn is simply to follow the daily routine of the ashram. It is possible to make your entire day into yoga sadhana (practice).
• over 20+ Rooms single, double, and some with attached bathrooms
• 2 halls for meditation, asana, classes, and special programs and concerts
• courses in Philosophy, meditation, asana, ayurvedic medicine and cooking, clinical yoga applications, and more.
• Medium in English, although Hindi, French, and German are available by prior arrangement.
• Satsang (company of holy persons)
• Vegetarian food with pure milk products.
• Ion Filtered Drinking Water System
• Library
• Wireless Internet available.
• Phone is for local calls only; there is STD stand just in walking distance.
• Therapy through pranic healing, reiki, accupressure and Ayurvedic massage (on request)
• Advice and arrangement for tours, travels and mountain retreats
• Workshops in painting and music (on request)
• Individual guidance and therapy.
• Any suggestions or comments can be placed in Suggestion/Comment Box in Library. Or you can speak directly to an ashram resident.
• Booking in advance is recommended

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