Camping karma Yoga Retreat in South France

Camping Yoga Retreat at St Izaire France

A chance to escape the everyday distractions of temptation, competition, rediscover the forgotten ways of the art of living in yoga.
Immediately feel the connection with mother nature as you spend two weeks camping on the banks of the Dourdou de Camares River, in complete wilderness.

Every moment will be spent in spiritual learning, practicing and transforming consciousness with equal minded aspirants and yoga masters.
The two week program will include morning pooja and chanting, asana practice led by Ganga Puri, karma yoga, teachings and question/answer sessions by Ananda Mataji and Ganga Puri, meditation, and evening aarti.
All karma yogi’s will be part of transforming derelict ruins into a new spiritual retreat, Ananda Mataji Hermitage.
While the retreat is donation based, it is appreciated that the participant understands the requirements of the course and it’s aim in creating a place of sadhana practice.

bring your own bedding for sleeping beg etc..

*Ananda Giri Maï*
12480 St Izaire
between Sainte Izaire and Broquiès
3 km from Ste Izaire, take the Tunnel, then
2^e little tarred road on the left, before the metallic bridge.
Then to the end of this road, a hemlet.
see u there

note: 5 strong volunteers are needed in the month of July 2014 as we are renovating the old roof …with the help of our expert roof builder Mr. Domenique from Switzerland, who is one of the oldest devotee of Santosh Puri Ashram, Yoganga Retreat.

For more information contact Sri Santosh Puri Ashram, India a