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All the course are running up in specific timings of the year. One can come for personal retreat, silent retreat or just joining the general daily schedule. Their might be two courses going at a time. Please ckeck the schedule to know the dates of each course. For other course detail information please email to We can also provide specific courses for groups. 

Ayurveda (General and Certificate Course)

An intensive study of the ancient healing tradition that approaches health from the physical, mental, social-emotional, and spiritual perspectives. You will learn about the doshas: vata, pita, kapha, and the gunas: rajas, tamas, satva. The goal of Ayurveda is to bring healthy characteristics into one’ 2s life.

Providing practical ways one can improve their health daily by understanding the effects of what we take into the body. This is mostly lecture based course, however many practical sessions happen throughout with opportunities to make medicines.

There are two kinds of courses :
1- General – Introduction to Ayurveda for  14 days.
2- Certificate course –  Intensive one month.

This course may happens typically in conjunction with YogAnga Hatha Yoga Teacher Trainings, however it is not required to be enrolled in the teacher training in order to participate in this course. The intensive course is taught by Dr. AlaknandaMandakiniGanga Puri,

Patanjali Yoga Sutras

This lecture course is important to deepen your awareness, especially if you have studied Yogasana (physical postures) and would like to learn about yogic philosophy.
Ganga Puri will teach the Jnana Yoga two week intensive course studying the Sutras of Patanjali, the father of yoga. You will share in learning the sutras including the traditional ashtanga, or 8 limbs. Patanjali teaches us the importance of removing the modifications of the mind, self-study with devotion, and practicing with detachment. Learn the path of yoga, the discipline to be adopted in our lives by spreading the stability through awareness of self while living in a place where meditation can be strengthened in the company of spiritual seekers. Discover the ancient philosophy that believes one can use discipline to observe daily life, that the mind is to be trained on the way to union, and learn the importance of being a witness.

Bhagavad Gita

The Bhavagad Gita is a wish-fulfilling book. Each verse has the divinity to lead you towards liberation, if rightly understood through devotion, surrender, and unshakable faith. The knowledge of this song will free us from ignorance, the source of suffering. Through meditation, its wisdom will be experienced, filling us with the bliss of devotion, wonder, and detachment. In this course aspirants will have the unique chance to transfer the teachings of the Gita directly into practice in the favorable atmosphere of the ashram. Each day will be guided by one of the teachings of Lord Krishna and will be applied to the asana practice, meditation, and while experiencing the benefits of Karma, Bhakti, and Jyana Yoga.This two week intensive yoga philosophy course is taught by  Alaknanda .

Yoga Teacher Training

Hatha Yoga teacher training is connected to the moon and the sun understandings. It is privilege to practice in the ashram where we are surrounded by saints, cows, dogs, national park, holy Ganga river and plenty of love. We offer two TTC a year one starts on the spring new moon of 200 hrs and the other on autumn new moon for 200 for one month or 500 hrs for 3months. in autumn one can choose 200hrs of any of the three months. All our Yoga TTC certified by Yoga Alliance. Check the different TTC options here.
This intensive course is taught by GangaPuriAlaknandaMandakini and other invited teachers.

Chakra Yoga & Mediation

Developed by Mataji, this course introduces us a meditative way to the subtle realms of our psychic body – the seven Chakras and three main Nadis. Awareness will be awakened to integrate and perceive a first glimpse of higher consciousness. Now Ganga Puri is also teaching this two weeks course according to  Shiva sutras scripture.

Yantra Painting Class 

This class is an introduction to Yantra Painting meditation, involving the Vedic planets and mantra. This practice will pacify the individual influencing planet and thereby harmonize our inner and outer well being. Intro to the solar system and how it relates to your daily life is also included. This two weeks intensive practical course is taught by Mandakini.


The holy texts to study and contemplate on will be “The Crest Jewel of Discrimination” of Shankara as an introduction to Vedanta and one of the eight major Upanishads. After long years of exploring the Bhagavad Gita of Lord Krishna, this course is designed to lead deeper into the teachings of Vedanta philosophy as the culmination of all knowledge.This  intensive course is taught by Ganga Puri and Alaknanda

Guru Gita
The Guru Gita of Lord Shiva’s teaching to Goddess Parvati and other treaties from the scripture will be recited, discussed and meditated on. This course specially combines wonderfully practice, teaching and celebration. The culmination will be Guruji’s annual Maha Samadhi anniversary includes Homa fire, Bhandara (food distribution to sadhus and devotees), Kirtan (chanting Gods name) etc. This course is in July in honour of Guru. Mantra initiation is also considered on full moon day as auspicious days. This two weeks course is taught by Mandakini.

Ayurvedic Vegetarian Cooking
In this two weeks intensive practical course, taught by Mandakini you will learn Ayurvedic Cooking (Vegetarian) based on the ancient principles of Ayurveda. Ayurvedic Cooking makes people healthy.

You will learn to use food as a means of balancing oneself. Here she tries to teach simple, less time taking recipies, clear the foundation of cooking and shares the secret to make the simple food to Prasad a holy food.

By learning different varieties of Ayurvedic vegetarian recepies, you will be able to apply Ayurvedic concepts into the food you prepare for yourself, family, and friends.

Clinical Yoga Classes 

The first limb of Hatha Yoga, six cleansing practices according to the ancient scripture “Gheranda Samhita”, meant to purify the body and prepare oneself for the practice of asana, pranayama, etc. This course not only provides opportunities to perform intense cleanses meant to be done seasonally under the guidance of a qualified teacher, but also teaches a handful of kriyas one can incorporate into their daily morning routine.This  intensive course is taught by Ganga PuriMandakini and Alaknanda

This course happens twice a year at the turn of the seasons, typically in conjunction with YogAnga Hatha Yoga Teacher Trainings, Prior enrollment is suggested.

Sukshma Vyayaam (Subtle Pranic Exercises)
Taught by Alaknanda , this rarely known sequence of subtle exercises of gentle joint movements in conjunction with breath control (pranayama) originates from yogis of the high Himalayas and Tibet.

Pranayama and concentration will lead to direct activation and awakening of the chakras, the source in our spiritual body for the function or dysfunction of the organs and veins in the chakras’ counterpart the physical body.

Amazing results have been registered in the rejuvenation of degenerated cell systems thereby preventing terminal diseases like tuberculosis, cancer, Aids, fatigue, depression or other psychosomatic symptoms. These exercises can easily be introduced into everybody’s daily practice from bed-ridden patients or work-stressed professionals, or more serious for Hatha-Yoga practitioners and yoga teachers.

Remember that all the course are running up in specific timings of the year. Please check the schedule to know the dates of each course. For other course detail information please email to